Karl Rubenacker Proposes Code Revisions at ICC Committee Action Hearings

From 4/17 to 4/27, the International Code Council (ICC) convened the 2016 Committee Action Hearings in Louisville, KY to review the International Building Code (IBC), and other International Codes. On behalf of the Structural Engineers Association of New York, Karl Rubenacker, co-chair of SEAoNY’s Codes and Standards Committee and partner at GMS, presented 7 proposals for revisions to structural design provisions (chapter 16) of the 2015 IBC. If adopted, these proposals would be incorporated into the 2018 IBC. Proposals included revisions to regulations regarding construction documents, load combinations, live loads, special inspections, as well as an entire new section on structural peer review.


Karl Rubenacker presents to ASCE Metropolitan Section about Disproportionate Collapse

In response to the expanding exposure of buildings to abnormal events, Karl Rubenacker uses a 30 story high-rise office building as a case study to present practical methods and verification procedures by which structural engineers can incorporate disproportionate collapse resistance into their buildings as part of an overall multi-hazard design process.