In our last issue, we showed you the exterior of 529 Broadway, the new building at Broadway and Spring Street in NYC’s Soho neighborhood, designed by BKSK Architects. Now we want to show you the interior fit-out, Nike’s new five story 55,000 square foot retail experience, with accessory office space and a roof terrace, designed by Nike with TPG Architecture.


The first thing you’ll notice (besides the Swoosh) is the exposed structural steel, painted with intumescent paint. The steel moment frame is fully integrated into the interior design. Typically a 50 foot wide commercial space would have columns at the perimeter and in the center of the building. Here the columns are inset 11 feet from all perimeter sides, leaving cantilevers at the edges and an intermediate span of 28 feet, to reduce the number of columns and open up the retail space. In the long direction, columns are spaced at 22 feet on center with cantilevers toward Broadway and to the back of the building. Locating the columns away from the perimeter also kept the new footings further from the neighboring buildings and from the subway tunnel below Broadway.


The next thing you will notice are the escalators – they are lit like an airport runway to sweep you up to upper levels. Here, you will be impressed by the 50 foot long display of sneakers. Or you can visit the soccer cage or the half court to test soccer or basketball shoes before you purchase. The escalators are supported on the cantilevers, so strict deflection and vibration criteria were established early in the design process. All floors were designed to accommodate 100 psf live load, using composite steel beams, 3” metal deck and 3.25” lightweight concrete slabs to attain the 2-hour fire rating without spray fireproofing. The wind and seismic forces for the structure are resisted by moment frames, which transition to chevron braces in the cellar.

nike-004nike-005nike-006 ©GMS

The custom terracotta façade is also supported by the cantilevered floor beams. Where the façade spans a height of two stories, it is reinforced using 1.5” plate steel “mulllions” and muscular W10 spandrels. GMS provided structural engineering for the tenant, core & shell, interaction with the MTA, special inspection and construction monitoring services. The store opened in November 2016.

529 Broadway

©Chris Payne/Esto

Base Building and Façade Architect: BKSK Architects
Tenant Architect:                           TPG Architecture
MEP:                                        GEA Consulting Engineers
MEP (Initial Filing):                       SRA Architecture + Engineering
General Contractor:                         Veracity Partners
Photos Courtesy of Nike, unless noted.